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Employee Culture Audit Platform

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Under the Hood

SLAP's Proprietary Cultural Audit called the


is the bridge between where your company's performance is now and where you want it to be. Competition, the influence of a global economy, the changing needs of your customers and ever-increasing demands from stakeholders can make the bridge a wobbly one to cross. The Under the Hood Analysis is the diagnostic that will answer the questions: will your culture truly support this company plan, and is your enterprise strategy truly weight bearing?

This is NOT an engagement survey, used to probe general levels of satisfaction. The purpose of this work is to give you an unerringly accurate insight into your employee culture’s willingness to support current – specific, critical and measurable -- performance goals. And to ensure that you gain its dependably adrenalized commitment for that goal. Once your current goals are secured, the purpose of this work is to gain you ongoing highest levels of cultural commitment to performance goals. The process is completely different for your culture as well and there is no danger of overlaps or survey fatigue.

But don't just take our word for it, we will let our clients speak on our behalf.

SLAP has made a significant, long-term difference in the commitment of our managers and their ability to achieve results through others. Their methods were transformational for me and our entire organization.

Kathleen Hogan

Chief People Officer, Microsoft

The internal commitment generated for us by SLAP is priceless.

Bill Guibor

Chief Operating Officer, Hallmark Retail

I can say without hesitation that SLAP changed the potential of our entire company.

Karla Stephens

Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Europe, Vodafone

From Procter & Gamble to Pepsico I’ve had a lot of management education in my career. Stan Slap’s work blows everything away in terms of substance and impact.

Kip Knight

President, US Retail, H&R Block

SLAP was involved in the strategic planning of every aspect of our company. This, in my opinion, was the primary reason that we were able to make massive operating changes without disrupting our all-important culture and soul. They helped grow our most profitable division by over 300% in three years. Our executive team voted them as one of the ten most important things to ever happen to our company.

Chris Tobey

Executive Vice President, Warner Music Group